Can i learn copywriting by myself?

The fastest way to learn how to write texts is to hire a good coach who can tell you what you're doing wrong and how you can improve. But you can also do it yourself. Yes, you can definitely learn to write texts by yourself. To become a sought-after self-taught copywriter, you must know the basics of copywriting, its types and guiding principles, as well as the formulas used.

Then practice and evaluate your progress until you master the process. You're wrong if you think you can't pursue a career as a copywriter because of your previous education or professional experience. In short, my writing was boring and no “big fish” was going to hire me until I could offer much better writing. One of these writers, Michal Eisikowitz, was kind enough to take a call and share the story of how he created a channel of recurring leads using LinkedIn and a fantastic website for writers.

Whatever you do to practice your copywriting skills, never stop learning new techniques to improve your creative writing skills. You can follow a variety of resources and experts in copywriting to expand your knowledge and find a professional community. Whether you're a marketer, a freelance writer, or someone who wants to start your own content business, copywriting is a skill you'll need to learn. I recommend that you first learn how to write headlines and value propositions and then select a third option as the primary service around which you'll build your copywriting business.

If you want to take an in-depth look at how much each of these roles can earn, check out my guide to copywriter salaries. While writing emails has never been an important part of my work with the client, I know quite a few successful copywriters who do emails almost exclusively. Until this past year, I would have told them that SEO is the undisputed lead channel for aspiring copywriters, but over the past 12 months, a new contender has arguably become a better option, at least in the short term. For everyone else, I would recommend starting with a different strategy and waiting until the second, third, or fourth year as a writer to try it out.

You can also take advantage of copywriting frameworks to write engaging texts and practice different approaches. With its high-quality breakdowns of major announcements and behind-the-scenes explanations, it's an excellent book for writers interested in learning about the history of the industry. Any good writer has a scrollable file in which he has added thousands of examples that inspire and motivate him. Fantastic post with lots of ideas, especially for someone like me, who has been a well-paid freelance blogger for a long time, but who has never seriously explored the copywriting side.

Now that we've answered the question “What is copywriting”, let's talk about who needs to learn copywriting.