Can You Make a Profit as a Copywriter?

Nicki and Kate, both six-figure writers, are trying to understand why some people are skeptical about the potential of copywriting as a profitable career. It is possible to become a successful copywriter, but it requires the right mindset and dedication. The amount of money you can make as a freelance writer depends on your ability to find clients and build relationships. Many high-earning writers have achieved success with little or no experience.

If you want to pursue copywriting full-time, you don't need to get a degree in advertising. Instead, focus on improving your writing skills and getting feedback on your drafts. John McIntyre's Udemy course and e-book are great resources for developing your copywriting abilities. Freelance writers can make an hourly equivalent to contractors, but it's much harder to reach six figures as a blog writer than as a copywriter.

Unless they accept low-paying jobs to build their portfolios, it can be difficult for new writers to break into the industry. In this post, we've discussed how to get started as a copywriter even if you don't have experience. With the right steps and dedication, it is possible to make a lot of money as a writer.