12 Examples of Copywriting to Inspire Your Writing

Every Friday at 5 o'clock (somewhere), I sit in my 70s cashmere armchair, put on some Crosby, Stills and Nash and have a drink. Writing can be a great way to express yourself and your ideas. To help you get inspired, here are 12 examples of copywriting that can motivate your own writing. Add them to your swipe file for the next time you need a creative boost.

It takes 33 full words to get to the joke. This print advertisement requires readers to open the folded newspaper to see what it's all about. It's also specific, as we discussed in our discussion on Give Directly. AIDA is a classic copywriting framework that dates back to 1898, when Philadelphia publicist Elias St.

Elmo Lewis created it. The fact that it remains one of the most used and recommended frameworks among copywriters is a testament to its reliability. Basecamp is known for its website and sales copy because it uses clear, simple conversational language. This language is the same type of language your customers use when they talk and think about your business.

As an added benefit, Basecamp includes some social proof in its call to action. If more than 5000 companies signed up in the last week, that must be pretty surprising, right? The headline might say: “The new Rolls-Royce is a very quiet car.” But the headline Ogilvy chose, taken directly from the technical editor's article in The Motor, offers readers a sensory experience. The copy of the Innocent Drinks website, from the navigation to the product descriptions, is nice without being cheesy. The ad also shows the product without trying to convince the reader that Ricola makes the best cough pills.

Instead, combine the product's recognizable packaging photo with a memorable copy. The goal? To keep Ricola first the next time someone buys cough pills.Volkswagen needed to pay more attention to smaller cars, because they knew they could increase sales once they got people to consider their arguments. As Dollar Shave Club continues to grow, your investment in your emails will continue to be fantastic examples of copywriting. The bean manufacturer HJ Heinz Company's “Beanz Meanz Heinz” motif is one of the best examples of this method.In this post, you'll get 10 memorable writing examples to add to your swipe file and discover why each one works so well.

That's why many copywriters keep a slider file, a collection of examples of tried and true texts, to inspire them when the writer runs out of work. So far I've focused a lot on writing websites, so I wanted to see some examples of great writing on social media.That's why you should mark these copywriting examples as favorites and continue to create your own slidable file as you develop your skills. To create effective copywriting, you need to know the history and success stories of the past, the work of teachers, and examples of how not to do it. Yes, I would say that in this case, the text of a blog post is a different type of content than the examples I used.McDonald's tries to joke about the “back entrance” of a restaurant, and Ray-Ban says that the glasses want to “stay on the face”; all of these examples of copywriting seem inappropriate and stupid.

A quick copy of high-quality examples that inspire you to write attractive texts for websites, cheerful pop-ups and persuasive emails.